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摘要: 今天朗阁小编为大家分享的是2019年4月20日GRE填空考题回顾,并且还为大家进行了题目解析,备考GRE的考生赶快来看看吧。


GRE Test Review (Pool)
Section:VERBAL- Text Completion
Arranger: Walker Wang
Date: 4/20/2019
Pool Number:
Despite the _____ of medical information available through e-mail, the Internet, and mobile devices, not many patients are taking advantage of the potential of electronic communications for health-related needs.
A. wealth
B. complexity
C. intricacy
D. profusion
E. resurgence
F. overload
Analysis 答案: AD
分析: despite让步,后面说很少有人利用,所以前面是尽管信息丰富,所以正确答案选AD选项。
Pool Number:
China’s rapidly growing population is the main threat facing large carnivores in the People’s Republic. Increasingly, policies aimed at limiting population growth have been (i)_____; nevertheless, the country’s vast size and the isolation of many of its regions mean that human populations in areas where large carnivores still occur (ii)_____. This human pressure has (iii)_____ the South China tiger.
A. modified D. could start to decline G. celebrated
B. deemphasized E. can grow unchecked H. doomed
C. implemented F. have stabilized I. bypassed
Analysis 答案:CEH
分析:aimed at limiting population growth得知这些政策已经颁布了,第一空选C选项,第二空根据nevertheless,得知这些政策尽管实施了,但是效果不好,所以人口还是在快速增加,第二空选E选项,第三空human pressure一定是负面的动词,所以第三空选H选项。
Pool Number:
Recent scholarship has questioned the (i)_____ of tropical forests around the world. Archaeologists have shown, for example, that the largest contiguous tract of what was thought to be virgin rain forest in the southern Amazon had been transformed into a cultural parkland before European contact, and many of the forest islands in West Africa’s savanna forest transition zone are (ii)_____ as well.
A. diversity D. isolated
B. naturalness E. endangered
C. sustainability F. anthropogenic
Analysis 答案:BF
分析:后面的例子中virgin rain forest变成了cultural parkland,说明第一空质疑的就是virgin,所以第一空选B选项。第二空根据as well推出第二空要选前面的同义,所以第二空选F选项。
Pool Number:
The notion of film producers as the ogres of the movie business has proved an (i)_____ one, but according to The Producers by Tim Adler, it is not always grounded in reality. Attacking what he calls the “auteur myth”—the idea of the director as the single purveyor of art in an industry otherwise peopled with (ii)_____—he places at the heart of his book an image of the producer, not the director, as the primary (iii)_____ force in the development and production of a movie.
A. accurate D. visionaries G. financial
B. hypocritic E. profitmongers H. inertial
C. enduring F. innocents I. creative
Analysis 答案:CEI
分析:根据后文的not always grounded,得知第一空应该和grounded广义取同,但是不能选grounded直接同义词,所以不能选accurate,因为如果选了accurate的话这个题就有一个矛盾(被证明是准确的,但不总是合理的),括号里面的表达是GRE经常考察的矛盾重复,所以第一空选C选项,第二空根据attacking得知这种idea是存在于一个负面评价中,所以第二空选负评价词,正确答案选E选项,第三空根据作者攻击导演,支持制片人的特点,得知第三空是正评价词,所以正确答案选I选项。
Pool Number:
Without seeming unworldly, William James appeared wholly removed from the _____ of society, the conventionality of academy.
A. ethos
B. idealism
C. romance
D. paradoxes
E. commonplaces
Analysis 答案:E
分析:本题最简单的入手方法是看到空格和the conventionality of academy是同位语,所以选conventionality的同义词,所以正确答案选E选项。还可以把without和unworldly的双重否定换成肯定,就成了看上去世俗,但实际远离世俗,也能选出E选项。
Pool Number:
Carmen’s affection for her sister, though not _____, was plainly too great to permit a painless departure.
A. unsteady
B. ambivalent
C. careless
D. unbounded
E. noticeable
Analysis 答案:D
分析:was plainly too great和though推出not+空格要取plainly too great的反义,所以空格要取plainly too great的同义,但不能是完全同义,所以正确答案选D选项。
Pool Number:
Knowing how (i)_____ she was at work, her colleagues were surprised at her (ii)_____ throughout the dinner.
A. dependable D. timidity
B. diffident E. assertiveness
C. diligent F. punctiliousness
Analysis 答案:B
Pool Number:
In our daily lives, we often (i)_____ our separate identities: you can have one identity at work and another online, for example. Such (ii)_____ disappear in certain circumstances, however, resulting in a cross-pollination of our different selves.
A. renounce D. uncertainties
B. merge E. correlations
C. compartmentalize F. boundaries
Analysis 答案:CF
分析:you can have one identity at work and another online对应第一空,所以正确答案选C选项,第二空是同义重复,对应第一空的同义词,正确答案选F选项。
Pool Number:
Women in the mining towns of the American West were strictly stereotyped into neat categories of public and private, good and bad, but the 100 intrepid female prospectors in Zanjani’s book managed to (i)_____ those categories. In addition to providing documentation that demolishes the all-male version of prospecting, Zanjani uses the examples of her female loners to (ii)_____ some of the (iii)_____ generalizations about Euro-American women as uniformly nurturant and sociable pioneers.
A. inhabit D. puncture G. accurate
B. reveal E. invent H. facile
C. confound F. perpetuate I. unknown
Analysis 答案:CDH
分析:第一空根据but得知选之前neat categories的反义,所以应该是取分类不明确,所以第一空选C选项,第二空注意loners和sociable是反义,所以第二空要选体现削弱,破坏的东西,那么D选项最合适,第二空既然是削弱这种说法,那么第三空应该选负评价的词,所以选H选项合适。
Pool Number:
It’s a sign of John Dramani Mahama’s maturity as a writer that he is willing to consider his country’s future so _____: his memoir is appealingly honest, given to clear-eyed assessments rather than exaggerated accounts of achievements.
A. cheerfully
B. dispassionately
C. insightfully
D. evocatively
E. analytically
F. blithely
Analysis 答案:BE
分析:冒号后面对空格进行解释说明,空格对应词是clear-eyed assessments,而且和后面的exagerate有取反,所以正确答案选BE选项。
Pool Number:
Each new generation of students grow up (i)_____ the world of classical physics, with its mostly intuitive, billiard-ball causality; that is the everyday vantage from which we approach the alien world of quantum physics, which has for this reason never lost its air of (ii)_____.
A. immersed in D. verisimilitude
B. disdainful of E. objectivity
C. unmoved by F. radicalism
Analysis 答案:AF
分析:第一空根据intuitive, billiard-ball causality得知我们是在这样的环境中长大的,所以第一空选A选项,第二空推理题目,我们用经典物理的优势才能接近量子物理,而且从alien一词也能看出量子物理的“新”的属性,所以第二空选F选项。
Pool Number:
Many historians of the ancient world are wary of sounding (i)_____. Write so much as a sentence and the temptation is immediately to (ii)_____ it. Even in cases when the sources for a given event are (iii)_____, uncertainties and discrepancies crop up everywhere.
A. fusty D. recapitulate G. consistent
B. anachronistic E. forswear H. plentiful
C. dogmatic F. qualify I. biased
Analysis 答案:CFH
分析:第一空根据后文的so much as a sentence得知这些历史学家害怕教条,第二个空是来体现他们如何避免教条,就是简单一句话就想限定范围,说话小心翼翼的。第三空是在反驳这种人的做法,有些事件的资料来源很丰富,都还是有不确定和矛盾,难道你一句话就能搞定吗?正确答案选CFH。
Pool Number:
Since the 1920s, historical fiction writers in China have emancipated the genre from the traditional notion that (i)_____ was the ultimate goal of history writing. Yet the traditional commitment to (ii)_____ was not simply (iii)_____: this new genre was expected to capture the essence of historical truth even as it allowed space for the writer’s imagination.
A. comprehensiveness D. veracity G. jettisoned
B. factuality E. thoroughness H. rationalized
C. entertainment F. pleasure I. acknowledged
Analysis 答案:BDG
Pool Number:
Another challenge to biologists and land-use planners alike is that while human-induced changes to the landscape are somethings _____, they can nevertheless drastically alter the habitat for some plants and animals.
A. indisputable
B. inappropriate
C. unacceptable
D. unfathomable
E. imperceptible
F. indiscernible
Analysis 答案:EF
分析:让步内容可知空格应该选drastically alter的反义,所以答案选EF选项。
Pool Number:
Paul Robeson. Jr. wrote that his father was a flesh-and-blood artist whose accomplishments made him susceptible to hagiographic treatment by potential biographers. Robeson’s achievements were real, and there was no need for _____.
A. disclosure
B. hyperbole
C. retraction
D. muckraking
E. reticence
Analysis 答案:B
分析:no need可知空格是real的反义词,夸张也能对应hagiographic。
Pool Number:
There is no sense trying to rehabilitate the reputation of the mosquito; nobody loves such a creature. But it’s (i)______ to (ii)______ all 2,600 described species of mosquito when it’s just 80 or so—3 percent that drink human blood. Among those 2,520 relatively (iii)______ kinds of mosquitoes, there’s even one we’d like to see in greater numbers: Taxorhynchites, the mosquito that eats other mosquitoes.
A. rare D. malign G. blameless
B. necessary E. represent H. pernicious
C. unfair F. commend I. valuable
Analysis 答案:CDG
Pool Number:
French’s tone was reasonable, _____ almost, but the gaze she fixed on Backhouse over her reading spectacles had something of defiance in it.
A. distracted
B. preoccupied
C. deferential
D. apprehensive
E. respectful
F. inquisitive
Analysis 答案:CE
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