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摘要: 每一次SAT考试结束,都会迎来一场关于SAT考试阅读篇目的讨论高潮。今年六月份的也不例外!然而经过这么多年的讨论,相信参加青岛SAT培训的小伙伴也发现了!SAT考试特别偏爱一位女作家,她的小说节选经常出现在SAT考试阅读篇目中,那么大家知道这个位女作家是谁

  每一次SAT考试结束,都会迎来一场关于SAT考试阅读篇目的讨论高潮。今年六月份的也不例外!然而经过这么多年的讨论,相信参加青岛SAT培训的小伙伴也发现了!SAT考试特别偏爱一位女作家,她的小说节选经常出现在SAT考试阅读篇目中,那么大家知道这个位女作家是谁吗?其实她就是大名鼎鼎的简·奥斯汀(Jane Austin),接下来朗阁青岛SAT培训老师就为大家详细介绍一下她!





  Anne Elliot, with all her claims of birth,beauty, and mind, to throw herself away at nineteen; involve herself atnineteen in an engagement with a young man, who had nothing but himself torecommend him, and no hopes of attaining affluence, but in the chances of amost uncertain profession, and no connexions to secure even his farther rise inthe profession, would be, indeed, a throwing away, which she grieved to thinkof! Anne Elliot, so young; known to sofew, to be snatched off by a stranger without alliance or fortune; or rathersunk by him into a state of most wearing, anxious, youth-killingdependence! It must not be, if by anyfair interference of friendship, any representations from one who had almost amother's love, and mother's rights, it would be prevented.

  Captain Wentworth had no fortune. He had been lucky in his profession; butspending freely, what had come freely, had realized nothing. But he was confident that he should soon berich: full of life and ardour, he knewthat he should soon have a ship, and soon be on a station that would lead toeverything he wanted. He had always beenlucky; he knew he knew he should be so still. Such confidence, powerful in its own warmth, and bewitching in the witwhich often expressed it, must have been enough for Anne; but Lady Russell sawit very differently. His sanguinetemper, and fearlessness of mind, operated very differently on her. She saw in it but an aggravation of theevil. It only added a dangerouscharacter to himself. He was brilliant,he was headstrong. Lady Russell hadlittle taste for wit, and of anything approaching to imprudence a horror. She deprecated the connexion in every light.

  Suchopposition, as these feelings produced, was more than Anne could combat. Young and gentle as she was, it might yet have been possible to withstand her father's ill-will, though unsoftened by onekind word or look on the part of her sister; but Lady Russell, whom she hadalways loved and relied on, could not, with such steadiness of opinion, andsuch tenderness of manner, be continually advising her in vain. She was persuaded to believe the engagement awrong thing: indiscreet, improper,hardly capable of success, and not deserving it. But it was not a merely selfish caution,under which she acted, in putting an end to it. Had she not imagined herself consulting his good, even more than her own, she could hardly have given him up. The belief of being prudent, and self-denying, principally for hisadvantage, was her chief consolation, under the misery of a parting, a finalparting; and every consolation was required, for she had to encounter all theadditional pain of opinions, on his side, totally unconvinced and unbending,and of his feeling himself ill used by so forced a relinquishment. He had left the country in consequence.

  好了以上就是朗阁青岛SAT培训为大家进行的详细介绍,最后我们老师建议青岛备考SAT的小伙伴可以闲暇之余去看一下简·奥斯汀(Jane Austin)的书,说不定在考试的时候就会碰见自己看到的情节。

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