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摘要: 今天朗阁小编为大家分享的是2019年6月2日GRE填空考题回顾,并且还为大家进行了题目解析,备考GRE的考生赶快来看看吧。


GRE Test Review (Pool)   
Section:VERBAL- Text Completion  
Arranger: Coco Fan
Date: 06/02/2019
Pool Number:
For many years, Americans have had a love affair with ferryboats. Ferries are said to relieve our frayed nerves after we’ve stewed in bumper-to-bumper traffic, and conventional wisdom also says ferries (i)_____ congestion and air pollution by getting us out of cars. Unfortunately, this (ii)_____ notion recently has (iii)_____ several West Coast mayors, who have in consequence eagerly pursued the implementation of ferry service in their cities. 
A. contribute to D. provocative G. captivated 
B. reduce E. misguided H. confused 
C. cover up F. cynical I. outraged 
分析:前文都在说渡船的有点,所以第一空选体现“减少”拥堵的动词,即为B。后文unfortunately为转折, 可得知这个传统观念不一定是对的,所以第二空选E。第三空根据后文eagerly pursued the implementation of ferry service in their cities说明这些市长是被这种错误的观念迷惑了,所以他们要急切去做这件事。
Pool Number:
The research on otters’ environmental requirements is surprisingly (i)_____. One reason for this has to do with the estimation of how much they use different areas. Doing so may be (ii)_____ in some kinds of terrain, such as Shetland where the Eurasian otters are active in daytime and have clear individual markings. There it is possible to identify the individuals over stretches of coast of a few kilometers and to see what kinds of coast they use. However, the field conditions are (iii)_____.
A. straightforward D. quite problematic G. routine
B. controversial E. relatively simple H. deceptive
C. difficult F. largely unnecessary I. exceptional
分析:estimation of how much they use different areas 说明这个研究 比较难,第一空选 C 选项,第二空根据 clear individual markings 得知在有 一些地方还是很简单的,所以第二空选 E 选项,第三空说明这个地方只是一个 例外的,一般的地方都没有这种条件,所以第三空选 I 选项。difficult 困难 的,relatively simple 相对简单,exceptional 例外的。  
Pool Number:
Investors are grateful that the attorney general has stepped in to pursue inquiries into misfeasance in the financial markets, given that the regulators officially charged with policing the industry have been _____.
A. diffident
B. meticulous
C. straightforward
D. implacable
E. tenacious
的词是 A 选项,这里的 diffident 取“谨慎羞怯”的意思。
Pool Number:
Flawed as it may be because it is conducted by subjective scientists, science itself has methods that help us _____ our biases and talk about objective reality with some validity.
A. bypass
B. reduce
C. exacerbate
D. magnify
E. acknowledge
F. circumvent
分析:注意 as 是尽管的意思,题目的意思是尽管是由主管的科学家做的, 但是科学本身能够避开这种主观,所以答案选 AF 选项。bypass 避开, circumvent 避开。
Pool Number:
Inuit print making is less (i)_____ than carving in that it does not have substantial historical precedents, although there are (ii)_____ incised carvings on bone or antler, facial tattoo marks or inlay skin work on clothing, mitts and footwear. Carving materials such as stone, bone, antler, wood, and  ivory were (iii)_____, but paper and drawing tools were unknown until introduced by early explorers and missionaries. 
A. traditional D. affinities with G. available locally
B. prestigious E. objections to H. rarely used
C. anomalous F. regulations about  I. virtually inter-changeable
分析:in that it does not have substantial historical precedents 中的 it 指的是 Inuit print making,既然没有先例,说明 Inuit print making 比起 carving 不是那么传统,第一空选 A 选项,第二空让步,前面说两 者不同,但是两者还是有某种联系,第二空选 D 选项,第三空根据 but 前后对 比,paper and drawing tools were unknown until introduced by early explorers and missionaries 说明 carving materials 是取 unknown 的反义, 所以第三空选 G 选项。traditional 传统的,affinity 紧密联系, availability locally 当地能获得。注意此题的 affinity 不要理解成“喜 爱”这层意思。    
Pool Number:
Historian Barbara Alpern Engel’s task in writing a book about women in Russia must have been a (i)_____ one, because the (ii)_____ the Russian empire’s peoples meant that Russian women could never be treated as a homogeneous group.
A. motivating D. unity among
B. boring E. disinterest in
C. daunting F. diversity of
分析:could never be treated as a homogeneous group 说明第二空选 homogeneous 反义,所以第二空选 F 选项。第一空根据因果关系推,民族差异 大所以写一本书很难,所以第一空选 C 选项。daunting 使人怯步的, diversity 差异。
Pool Number:
The skin of the poison dart frog contains deadly poisons called batrachotoxins. But the (i)_____ of the toxins has remained an enigma, as the frog does not (ii)_____ them. Now an analysis suggests that the melyrid beetle is the source. Collected beetle specimens all contained  batrachotoxins, suggesting that these beetles are (iii)_____ by the frogs.
A. effect D. pressure G. eaten
B. origin E. produce H. neutralized
C. purpose F. suffer from I. poisoned
分析:第一空对应点在 melyrid beetle is the source 这里,说明这个题研究 的主题是 source,所以第一空答案选 B 选项,既然说这种毒的来源是神秘的 事,说明这个毒本身不是这种青蛙产生的,所以第二空选 E 选项,第三空说找 到了原因,实际上来自于甲壳虫,说明这些甲壳虫被青蛙吃掉了,所以第三空 选 G 选项。origin 来源,produce 生产,eat 吃。
Pool Number:
Some climatologists dismiss as (i)_____ the debate among geophysicists over the role of carbon dioxide in global climate change across many millions of years. These climatologists say the evidence of a tie between carbon dioxide and planetary warming over the last few centuries is so (ii)_____ that any longer-term evidence against such a link must somehow be (iii)______. 
A. unavoidable D. unlikely G. tainted
B. irrelevant E. controversial H. accommo-dated
C. undecidable F. compelling I. reinforced 
Analysis 答案:BFG
分析:dismiss 说明第一空是负评价词,所以 B 选项最好。第二空和第三空 联系,因为二氧化碳和行星变暖的联系紧密,所以反对这个联系的证据都是有 污点的。irrelevant 无关紧要的,compelling 强大的,tainted 有污点的。  
Pool Number:
The assumption that children learn about science primarily in the classroom is so _____ that few scientists, educators or policymakers question it, despite an ever-growing body of evidence demonstrating that most science is learnt outside of school.
A. tenuous
B. subtle
C. irrefutable
D. pervasive
E. misconstrued
Analysis 答案:C
分析:以至于科学家,教育者,政策制定者都不会去怀疑,那说明这个假设是 毋庸置疑的,所以正确答案选 C 选项。irrefutable 不容置疑的。  
Pool Number:
Sokari Douglas Camp was _____ in the early 1990s by many of London’s commercially driven art dealers and galleries, some of whom apparently found her themes difficult to market.
A. criticized
B. lionized
C. misrepresented
D. neglected
E. forsaken
F. eulogized
Analysis 答案:DE
分析:dealers 和 galleries 发现 SDC 的主题很难营销,所以她会被放弃,正 确答案选 DE 选项。neglected 忽略的,forsaken 放弃的。   
Pool Number:
Firebaugh and Beck contend that economic development improves the overall well-being of people within developing countries. However, other scholars emphasize the (i)_____ of this view, empirically demonstrating that while economic development does in fact contribute to the well-being of the population of developing countries, the magnitude of development’s positive effects on well-being has (ii)_____. In other words, these scholars suggest that (iii)_____ economic development and human well-being is taking place in developing countries.
A. falsity D. been greatly underestimated G. a decoupling of 
B. arbitrariness E. not yet been measured H. an inversion of
C. limitation F. decreased over time I. a decline in
Analysis 答案:CFG
分析:第一空根据 however 得知要选体现负面评价的词,AC 待选,后文是 让步句,先承认了 F 和 B 观点的合理性,再去说这种相互关系减弱了,所以第 一空只能选 C 选项,第二空通过 while 让步逻辑得知,填入减弱,答案选 F 选 项,第三空根据前文推出,经济的发展和人民的福利之间的关系是越来越弱, 所以对应的选项是 G 选项。limitation 局限,decreased over time 随时间递 减,decouple 联系消失。
RECAP 本次填空考试难度不大,掌握了利用逻辑关系解题之后,背诵大量的GRE词汇就可以了。

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