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摘要: 今天朗阁小编为大家分享的是2019年6月22日GRE填空考题回顾,并且还为大家进行了题目解析,备考GRE的考生赶快来看看吧。

GRE Test Review (Pool)   
Section:VERBAL- Text Completion  
Arranger: Coco Fan
Date: 06/22/2019
Pool Number:
He was never (i)_____; he was nothing if not (ii)_____, so he forbore for the present to declare his passion.
A. chivalrous D. boorish
B. impetuous E. circumspect
C. thoughtful  F. spontaneous
分析:nothing if not 是极其的意思。so he forbore for the present to declare his passion 说明此人很谨慎, 所以第二空选 E 选项,第一空根据 never 得知选第二空的反义词,所以第一空 选 B 选项。impetuous 鲁莽的,circumspect 小心谨慎的。
Pool Number:
One of the peculiarities of humans is that we irrationally gravitate to the predictable and avoid risk, whatever the reasons for this _____, it is hardly a sound basis for dealing with complex, long-term problems.
A. eccentricity
B. predilection
C. vacillation
D. proclivity
E. wavering
F. cowardice
分析:irrationally gravitate to 说明我们在做事的时候有一个倾向,所以 空格选“倾向”,正确答案选 BD 选项。predilection 偏爱,proclivity 倾 向。   
Pool Number:
With the numerous opponents of the controversial new taxation measure in such a fury, anyone who publicly advocated the measure did not fail to meet with _____ usage.
A. politic
B. severe
C. sober
D. respectful
E. dejected
分析:此题最关键的是知道 usage 有“对待”的意思,did not fail 双重 否定等于肯定,所以空格要对应前面的特征 such a fury,对应的选项是 B 选
项。severe 严酷的。  
Pool Number:
Those who took Clark’s old-mannered compliance for obsequiousness (i)_____ him: his apparent (ii)_____ veiled a fervent (iii)_____ of the authority that others exercised over him, one that he occasionally expressed by discreetly sabotaging their most important projects.
A. misconstrued D. cynicism  G. veneration
B. condemned  E. acquiescence H. justification
C. respected  F. intractability  I. detestation
分析:第二空根据apparent 得知空格和前面的特征compliance取同,所以第二空选E。第三空根据veil得知第二空的反义,所以第三空选I,那么第一空根据后文倒推选A
Pool Number:
Pioneering medical research scientists’ (i)_____ claims regarding the (ii)_____ new researches make the public wonder their own doctors are not dispensing miracles. There are forces, both external and internal, on scientists that most require them to (iii)_____. Without money, there is no science. Researchers must constantly convince administrators who control tax dollars, investors, and individual donors that the work they are doing will make a difference.
A. modest D. serious constraints on G. improvise
B. inflated E. overblown interpretations of H. oversell
C. fastidious F. potential benefits of I. generalize
分析:句中第三空和第一空是同义重复,外部和内部的力量都要求这些科学 家这么做,而且目的是为了钱,所以第一空选 B,第三空选 H 选项,第二空要 导致“人们并不认为医生在制造奇迹”,说明第二空是在说研究的正评价,所 以第二空选 F 选项。inflated 夸大的,potential benefits 潜在的益处, oversell 吹嘘。     
Pool Number:
The governor might conceivably find a genuine resolution to the budgetary dilemma, but she may be tempted to engage in a deception: a _____ exercise in fiscal prudence.
A. rigorous
B. sparking
C. specious
D. blatant
E. convincing
分析:冒号后面的内容来解析 deception,所以空格选一个 deception 的同 义词,正确答案选 C 选项。specious 看似正确实际错误。 翻译:州长可能能找到一个真正的对预算困境的决议,但她可能会想从事一个 骗局:一个财政审慎中看似正确实际错误的运用。  
Pool Number:
Some experts estimate that the recreational salmon fishery in British Columbia contributes more to the province’s economy than the commercial salmon fishery does—a surprising statistic given the political commercial _____ of the fishery in the province.
A. naïveté
B. prominence
C. supremacy
D. ingenuousness
E. salience
F. resurgence
分析:说到 surprising 说明实际情况和预想不一致,尽管商业性质的渔业 显著的地位,但是休闲性质的渔业却贡献更多,所以答案选 BE。prominence 显 赫,salience 显著。
Pool Number:
Many Latin American writers and critics have come to bristle at the very mention of the type of fiction termed “magic realism,” but to the common reader the appeal of such fiction is _____. 
A. elusive 
B. undiminished 
C. unfathomable 
D. unexpected 
E. derivative
Analysis 答案:B
分析:bristle at 是“对...感到愤怒”的意思,前面是对这种小说的批 评,后面转折,所以后面的意思是读者对于这类书的痴迷没有因此减少,正确
答案选 B 选项。undiminished 未减少的。   
Pool Number:
The assumption that children learn about science primarily in the classroom is so _____ that few scientists, educators or policymakers question it, despite an ever-growing body of evidence demonstrating that most science is learnt outside of school.
A. tenuous
B. subtle
C. irrefutable
D. pervasive
E. misconstrued
Analysis 答案:C
分析:以至于科学家,教育者,政策制定者都不会去怀疑,那说明这个假设是 毋庸置疑的,所以正确答案选 C 选项。irrefutable 不容置疑的。  
Pool Number:
Gelles urges readers of Abigail Adams’ letters to consider their (i)_____: in Adams’ era women were denied a public persona separate from that of their husbands. That said, Gelles then (ii)_____ to promote Adams from a writer of private letters to a public figure, arguing that she was a significant force for change.
A. value D. strains
B. context E. neglects
C. style F. fails
Analysis 答案:BD
Pool Number:
To get funding and tenured positions, medical researchers have to get their work published in well-regarded journals, where rejection can climb above 90 percent. Not surprisingly, the studies that tend to make the grade are those that make (i)_____ claims. But while coming up with such (ii)_____ claims is relatively easy, getting the data to bear them out is another matter. When studied rigorously, the great majority of these claims (iii)_____.
A. well-supported D. practical G. yield contradictory evidence
B. eye-catching E. orthodox H. require extensive analysis
C. small-scale F. striking I. support conventional beliefs
Analysis 答案:BFG
分析:通过第二空之前的such我们可以推知第一二空是同义关系,所以正确答案选BF。第三空转折,和前面的relatively easy取反,所以正确答案是G
RECAP 本次填空考试难度不大,掌握了利用逻辑关系解题之后,背诵大量的GRE词汇就可以了。

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